Samsung DVG54R7200V Review

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766 Reviews

Key Dryer Features

Allergen Cycle

Deploys steam to help reduce home dust mite and animal dander levels. Ideal for pillow covers, bed sheets, baby clothes and undergarments.

Antimicrobial Protection

Uses antimicrobial technology to help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Keeps high-touch areas cleaner, as well as the drum smelling fresher.

CEE Tier 2+

Ratings of Tier 2 or higher by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) indicates that it is significantly more energy efficient than an ENERGY STAR dryer.


This dryer is Energy Star Certified. It has a Combined Energy Factor of 3.48 and is estimated to use 687 kWh of electricty annualy.

Interior Light

Equipped with an LED light that illuminates the clothes drum when the dryer is on but not operating. Helps you find matching socks that seem to go missing until the next wash.

Lint Filter Indicator

Indicator light on the control panel that reminds you when it’s time to clean the filter. Helps maintain your dryer’s optimal performance and keep your clothes cleaner.

Most Efficient

Clothes dryers that make Energy Star’s Most Efficient list represent the very best for efficiency, energy savings, and environmental protection.

Reversible Door

Enables you to switch the door so that it can open from either the left or right side. Provides installation flexibility and prevents the door from blocking the washer.

Sanitize Cycle

Infuses your clothes with steam that helps remove germs, pollen, and dust mites. Reduces static and wrinkles, and keeps your clothes smelling fresher.

Sensor Dry

Ensures your clothes are optimally dried by automatically adjusting the time and temperature of your drying cycle. Protect your clothes from heat damage and saves energy.

Smart Dryer

Wi-Fi enabled with app control to remotely activate and operate your dryer, receive cycle status notifications, and perform remote diagnostics for repairs.


Some front-load matching dryers can be positioned on top of their companion washer with a low-cost washer-dryer stacking kit. Perfect for those with limited space.

Stainless Steel Drum

Stainless steel drums are more durable than dryers with plastic, porcelain-coated, or powdered-coated steel. Won’t chip or rust, and easily wiped clean.

Steam Option

Dryers with a steam option use hot, moist air to penetrate fabrics. Helps reduce static, wrinkles, and the need for ironing in clothing and towels. 

Time Display

LED display that shows the estimated time remaining until the end of the drying cycle. Constantly monitors drying performance and  changes the time to go as needed.


DVG54R7200V Ratings

Consumer Satisfaction
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with 766 consumer reviews. This is better than your average dryer and it ranks in the top 30% of new dryers for Consumer Satisfaction.
Price Efficiency
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with 766 consumer reviews. This is better than your average dryer and it ranks in the top 30% of new dryers for Consumer Satisfaction.
Cycles & Options
Provides 19 cycles and options for fabric and drying flexibility. This is a little better than your average clothes dryer and it ranks in the top 50% of new dryers for Cycles and Options.
Cycles: Refresh, Steam Sanitize+, Wrinkle Away, Normal, Heavy Duty, Permanent Press, Bedding, Delicates, Time Dry, Air Fluff
Options: Damp Alert, Wrinkle Prevent, Adjust Time (Up), Adjust Time (Down), Child Lock, Alarm Off, Eco Dry, Smart Care, Drum Light
Key Features
Designed with 8 features that can make a real difference in clothes dryer performance and satisfaction. This is just a little below average, but it still ranks higher than 40% of new dryers for Key Features.

Samsung DVG54R7200V Review